Category : News
Date : January 27, 2018
Title : AG&P positioning PH as regional hub
Article : Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. (AG&P) is pushing to establish the Philippines as a regional hub of construction for infrastructure related to liquefied natural gas with Asia emerging as a major driver of growth in the global LNG market.

In light of this, AG&P yesterday said it was developing integrated LNG-fired gas-to-power opportunities across South Asia, the Americas and Africa, where the components will be built modularly in its facilities in Batangas.

Established in 1900, the homegrown firm believes that the modular construction for these projects — and their ongoing operations and maintenance—will bring significant benefits to the Philippines through local employment, logistics management, yard expansion and management support.

Also, AG&P said the modular and scalable LNG supply chain model was key to unlocking opportunities in the gas-to-power sector in developing economies that are emerging as gas markets.

Further, the company said aggregation of demand was crucial to growing new markets for gas in Asia, including the Philippines.

Abhilesh Gupta, AG&P’s global chief financial officer, said in a statement that liquid-fueled power plants continue to be the key driver for growing gas demand across the region.

Gupta said that these power plants, however, are typically remote and too small to be viably served on a standalone basis, especially in archipelagoes like the Philippines and Indonesia.

“Leveraging our standardized designs and modular approach to building LNG terminals, AG&P has created a solution that not only eliminates expensive, bespoke engineering costs, but significantly reduces construction time,” he says.

He said AG&P was specifically banking on a business model that brings under one platform LNG design and engineering, innovative technology, manufacturing, project management, local marketing and operations.

By: Ronnel W. Domingo