Category : Press Release
Date : July 08, 2021
Agency : Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Title : The Philippine Balance Sheet Approach (BSA) Report: The Country's Net External Liability Position Slashed by More Than Half in Q4 2020
Article : ?• External Exposure. The country’s net external liability position narrowed to P915 billion in Q4 2020 from P1.9 trillion in Q4 2019. The 53.1 improvement in the country’s net debtor position against the rest of the world (ROW) was driven by the surge in the BSP’s net foreign claims, the ??decline in the non-financial corporations’ (NFCs) net liabilities to the ROW, and reversal of the other depository corporations’ (ODCs) position to net external creditor, albeit the sharp increase in the General Government’s (GG) net liabilities with the ROW.

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